the July McElroy merch items. On the top left is an illustrated sticker of a yellowed skull that says, “Yon Cuck,” on the forehead with a swarm of rats below its chin. On the bottom left is an acrylic standee of Fungalore surrounded by glowing mushrooms. Fungalore is saying, “...heard, chef,” with “Fungalore… he heard your wish” below. On the right is a brightly illustrated poster of mushroom trees and different mushroom costumed creatures. Fungalore is hidden among them.

What's new in July?

This month we have a Yon Cuck sticker by Pepper Raccoon! We also have a Find Fungalore poster by Cat Tervo, and a 3-piece Acrylic Fungalore standee by Cait May!

Don't forget to check out our sale page. We also have a promo going on: spend $50, get a free Garyl Plushie!

Ten percent of merch proceeds this month will go to the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund an organization that works to “ensure that children in Gaza and across the West Bank receive nutritious meals, essential medical relief, and the compassionate care they desperately need.”