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  • A light blue enamel pin. In the center is a white syringe filles halfway with a yellow and green liquid. Above it says "Pro" and below it says "Vax". In the bottom left corner is an "S" and a "B".
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Pro-Vax Enamel Pin

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Sawbones will be donating all of their proceeds from this sale to support the Immunization Action Coalition. The IAC works to increase immunization rates by creating and sharing educational materials for both healthcare professionals and the public about safe and effective immunization services, as well as facilitating communication about the safety, efficacy, and use of vaccines between patients, parents, healthcare organizations, and government health agencies.
Designed by Megan Kott. Check out more of Megan's work here:
This pin is 1.25" long with two pin posts and butterfly clasp pins.