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  • Two backpacks, one teal and one blue. Both have a white patch that says, "The McElroy Family" in blue on it. The teal one drawings of the B.o.B. sigil, the extreme teen bible, Merle's arm, Magnus's ax, Taako's umbrella and hat, and a d20. The blue one has illustrations of a doll head, an angular snake, a shrimp with wings and halo, two hands waving, a ghost, and a horse.
  • A blue backpack with light blue illustrations and a white patch on it. The patch says, "The McElroy Family" in blue. There are drawings of a doll head, a shrimp with wings and halo, a horse, a ghost, two hands waving, an angular snake, a brain bursting out of a beaker, and a burger with a bite taken out of it.
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McElroy Backpack

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Comes with inside laptop sleeve. 3 pockets for pens/pencils. One mesh pocket, one non mesh pocket. 

Laptop pocket is 11" wide by 1.5" deep.

18" tall by 13" wide. 

Straps can be as long as 31" from top to bottom. 

Designed by Justin Gray. Check out more of Justin's work here: